Mountaintop Experiences

Zugspitze von der Alpspitze aus gesehen. Links...
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When was the last time you had a mountaintop experience? You know, the experience where heaven felt near, life made sense, nothing could hold you down, and you could see clearly to the next horizon? These are important times and we need to have them periodically or we run the risk of getting too deeply entrenched in the discouraging minutia of daily life.

Our students will hopefully have this experience in their respective camps this month, as they withdraw from familiar settings and devote larger amounts of time to worship, teaching, team building, and fun. Hopefully they will catch a glimpse of destiny that will anchor them in God’s will for the coming year. And hopefully the experience will last. For that is the problem with the mountaintop, isn’t it? We have to come back down. But just because we have to come back down doesn’t mean the experience has to slip away like last night’s dream. Here are a few suggestions on how to make the experience linger.

1. Have a mini-mountaintop experience every day. Make it a habit of climbing the mountain (figuratively) each morning with your Bible, journal, and times of prayer.
2. Discover what natural settings most quickly take to you a mountaintop state of mind—the beach, a park, or a literal mountaintop—and go there on a routine basis.
3. Enjoy them when they happen without worrying about the next valley.

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