2 comments on “Summer Reading Program–Week Six

  1. Hi Pastor Chris. I wanted to introduce myself to you. I was back in Newport Washington with your mom and dad when The House of the Lord first started. You and my son Brandon Endicott were good friends. He is a deputy sheriff in West LaFayette, Indiana. I sent him your blog also and he said he was going to get in touch with you. I am so proud of you and what you have done in your life. Your mom gave me your book Praying through Sorrows. It is a wonderful book. I’m so sorry about your loss. The Lord has blessed me. I am currently living in Florida with my husband George. My daughter lives in Newport with her husband and 5 children. Her name is Jessica Anderson, and Jacob Endicott my other son lives in Sandpoint Id. He was Cheyenne’s age and they hung out together. I was in Newport last October and saw your mom at the playhouse in Newport. My granddaughter was in the Wizard of Oz playing Dorothy and I surprised them. It was awesome. It was so great to see your mom and dad. I went to their home and Bobbi and Phil came over. We got to catch up on our lives!! Well I just wanted you to know I am really enjoying your blog, and I know the Lord is blessing you and your family. I am on Facebook and your mom keeps me updated. God Bless, Denise Varga (Endicott)

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